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Turn negative reviews into positive reviews! Turn positive reviews into SALES!

The Benefits of Review Manage

  • Get more positive reviews
  • Salvage or eliminate negative reviews
  • Increase your customer’s confidence
  • Generate more leads for your business
  • The perfect surveying tool
  • Offer coupons or discounts directly
  • Open a new stream of marketing
  • Optimize your positive reviews
  • Move ahead of your competition
  • Dominate search results
  • Show your customers you care
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Save money on current marketing
  • The best ROI for your business
Simple, which business would you choose?

Reputation Management Services

Consumers trust only companies with a good online reputation.  When searching for online businesses, the consumer will rely on reviews posted through popular online review services. If your company is lacking positive reviews, or even worse, has negative reviews, then you are not only losing sales, you are putting your business in serious jeopardy!

Here are just a few of the popular review sites we work  with – any review site you want!   reputation-management-sites


Online Reputation Management Services Monitored Reviews

If your business is not active in the review process with your customers, you are losing out on a huge amount of business.  Our service provides a full circle review and reputation management service using the most innovative procedures on the Internet today! Not only do we get you unlimited positive reviews and build a positive online reputation for your business, we use your positive reviews as a marketing strategy for your business. Turning positive reviews into customers, Review Manage will place you ahead of your competition for reviews and reputation!

Review Managing Tools

We give our clients powerful tools to increase reviews for their business. With simple implementation, our clients have all that they need to quickly increase their positive reviews as well as to intervene with negative reviews.

Selected Review Sources

Our clients can choose which review sources they would like to target. We provide popular review sources such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Local, Open Table and TripAdvisor. We can add any review source you would like.

Simple Review Processing

Our review processing is simple for your customers. We provide unique Quick Response (QR) codes for each business and unique URL addresses to allow customers to easily submit their reviews directly to the review sources.

Review Monitoring

If a submitted review is positive, it is posted directly to the preselected review sources. If a negative review is received, we will contact you to allow intervention before the review is posted. This gives you a chance to salvage the review and a potentially lost customer.

More Positive Reviews

Using our simple automated review system will increase your positive reviews. Many businesses went from one positive review a month, to ten positive reviews a DAY! This can increase the power of your Web presence while showing you care about your business.

Built In Marketing

Another benefit of Review Manage is that marketing can be integrated into the system. Customers who review your business can receive promotions, loyalty programs, coupons, and more. The system will provide a direct marketing platform to your customers.

How Review Manage Will Benefit Your Business

High credibility, reputation, and trust are the most important aspects of your business for your customers

Increase Consumer Confidence

In today’s age, about 89% of consumers will allow reviews to impact their decision on which company they will choose.

Increase Customer Traffic

Showing your business to be reputable and presenting many positive reviews will greatly increase your businesses traffic.

Increase Business Sales

It takes no rocket scientist to figure out that the more traffic your business receives, the more sales your business will get.

Be the “Chosen One”

When consumers search for a business like yours online, they will likely find reviews to see how your business performs. Lacking reviews or having only negative reviews can affect your reputation and whether the consumer chooses your business. Our reputation management service can increase the flow of positive reviews and remove negative reviews altogether. Then when potential customers search for a business such as yours, they will more likely choose your business.

Stand Out Among Your Competitors

The results Review Manage will provide will speak for your business. No matter how big your competitor is, Review Manage can set your business above your competition. Let consumers choose your company because your online reputation shines above the rest. Review Manage has leveled the playing field, and you have spent only a fraction of the money your competition spent on marketing.

You Will Know What Your Customers Like or Dislike

No more guessing on what is and what is not working for your business. Review Manage’s online reputation management service will show you exactly what your customers like and dislike. This allows you to fine tune your business, possibly saving you thousands of dollars a year on useless products, services or marketing. Review Manage will also open a real-time, direct marketing channel to your customers – one that gives them what they like.

Employee Performance Knowledge

Review Manage also allows businesses to know exactly how their employees are performing, good or bad. Having detailed performance reports is a powerful tool to have when it is time to give incentives, raises, or bonuses to your employees.

 Reviews Manage Provides Free Marketing

Review Manage can get your business more positive reviews. You can use these for free marketing through search engines, reviews sites and social media. Review Manage will not only save your business money, it will provide free effective marketing. The reality is Review Manage will have customers knocking down your door and making your business successful with no extra work from you.

Review Manage Can Make Your Online Reputation Sparkle and Increase Your Revenue

  • Get more positive reviews while your customers are still at your business.
  • Salvage or eliminate negative reviews altogether through direct interaction with an unhappy customer.
  • Increase your customer’s confidence and trust in your business by showing them you care about what they think.
  • Open a new stream of marketing to your customers through the marketing channel Review Manage provides.
  • The best return on investment your business will ever see!


See How it Works

We have streamlined the review process for your customers through our unique innovative system. You won’t find another company online that offers such a sophisticated, yet easy to use program, proven to build your online reviews and manage your reputation.



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