Knowledge Base For Online Reputation Management

The Sad Facts Businesses Overlook

FACT: Many businesses will spend thousands of dollars a month to employ a marketing department for online advertising, TV commercials, radio ads, etc., but then spend no money or have any system in place to deal with online reputation management and reviews for their business.

FACT: If a company spends $10k a month on advertising and has just one bad review, in effect they lost 50% of the marketing dollars spent.

FACT: Studies show 97% of consumers who have a positive experience with your business will never take the time to leave a review once they leave your business.

FACT: Studies show 80% of consumers who have had a negative experience with your business will leave a bad review once they leave your business.

FACT: An independent Harvard University study showed that an increase of one star in your rating will increase your business by up to 9%.

FACT: The more positive reviews a business receives will push down any negative reviews a business has received in the past.

FACT: The more reviews a business receives will increase their search engine rankings. This is free advertising that can save businesses thousands of dollars a month. Review Manage can solve your online reputation management issues and increase your revenue.

The Facts of What Review Manage Can Do For Your Business!

  • Get you more positive reviews while your customers are still at your business.
  • Salvage or completely eliminate negative reviews by allowing direct interaction with an unhappy customer.
  • Increase your customers’ confidence and trust in your business by showing them you care what they think.
  • Open up a new stream of marketing to your customers through the marketing channel Review Manage provides.
  • Find the best Return on Investment your business will ever see!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Review Manage remove negative reviews?

The object of Review Manage is to insure you don’t get negative reviews in the first place. If you currently have negative reviews, those cannot be removed. However, Review Manage is designed to move negative reviews down on the search engines because of all the positive reviews you will receive.

The problem is, if you don’t start getting positive reviews those negatives will stand out to potential customers searching your business.

Do I have to download or set up anything?

There is nothing to download on your servers or to set up on your part. We will host the Review Manage program and software on our servers. The only things required from you are how you want to set up Review Manage, and to which review sites you want the reviews to post.

If you want reviews to post to your website, we will assist you and can even set it up on your website at no extra charge. We make this a streamlined process for our businesses.

How long does it take to get Review Manage set up?

Once you sign up, we will gather some basic information about your business, website, etc. We will run a report to determine the best strategy for getting you the most positive reviews possible, as well as for pushing the positive reviews to the top of the search engines. Within 24 hours, a dedicated account manager will contact you with the report by email and/or phone.

You will then be directed to fill out a Resource Management set up form, which will tell us which review sites you want to target, and if you want to add a survey and/or an incentive program for the review processing. After your dedicated account manager receives this form, the account will be set up within 24 hours. It is possible to have your business up and ready to start using Review Manage in 48 hours or less.

Where do the reviews get posted?

This is entirely up to you. We can have the reviews posted to popular sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor, Open Table, and many more. In addition, your business can choose to have the reviews posted directly to your website to show to your customers. We will also post the reviews to PreCheck.org, which is designed to work directly with our service.

What if I am just wanting surveys for my business?

If you only want your customers to do surveys, no problem. We can set this up however you would like. So if you want reviews, surveys, or incentive programs, we can do them all. If you only want reviews or surveys, that is no problem. We scale this to your business requirements.

What happens if I get a negative review through Review Manage?

This is the best part of Review Manage. We will catch the bad review before it gets posted anywhere. We will send the negative review and the customer’s information so one of your staff can contact the customer to salvage the review. Many times just knowing someone will respond to their concerns will satisfy the customer. It is up to you how you handle the customer; we just get you the opportunity to satisfy him or her.

Can I use Review Manage as a marketing tool?

Absolutely! Marketing is our middle name and everything that Review Manage was developed for is to facilitate marketing to your customers. Immediate benefits of positive reviews are building the credibility of your business, and creating a great customer list for further direct marketing. It is like having a double barreled shotgun.

How do I access the review reports and customer lists?

It is very simple. We will set up your client area; this will provide an easy-to-use dashboard to access review reports, customer lists, and incentive programs. You will also receive some great marketing tools through this dashboard. You will be able to use any or all of the marketing tools provided, or you can easily export your lists if you decide to use a third-party marketing source.

How do I get my Quick Response barcode and special website link?

After your account is set up, you can access the barcode and website link directly through your account. The barcode will be in PDF so you can easily print it out and start using it right away. You can also use it to print business cards, brochures, tent cards, etc. for your Review Manage promotions. We can also assist in any printing if needed – just contact us about what you need and we will offer you a competitive price for any of your printing needs.

What if I am not happy with Review Manage?

If you are not happy with Review Manage for any reason, simply contact your dedicated account manager and cancel. We don’t require any contracts and all accounts are billed month to month. However, we feel that you will be extremely satisfied that what Review Manage offers your business will pay for itself ten times over.